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The path from start to finish is rarely a smooth, straight line. It's full of bumps, tangles, starts and stops, bouts of inspiration, and loads of failure. 

At Creative Pathworks, we understand that success is neither simple nor easy.  With each stumble, we grow our craft and learn about ourselves. It's not about how often you stumble, it's about how you pick yourself up. 

Our writing and creativity workshops are designed to help smooth out that messy path and help you along your journey to success. 

We mean to take risks.


Founded in 2011 by Blake Hausladen, Rook Creek Books is a small press publisher of fantasy adventure and science fiction for authors of non-traditional forms, styles, or content not popularized by mainstream fiction. This wild place will be an arena for spec-fic and genre-bending anomalies.

Explorers wanted. Apply within.

Creative Pathwork offers:

Our courses, workshops, and retreats are designed to educate, inspire, and drive you toward the finish line. 

Brainstorming Session
Writing by the Water
Online Course

We offer single courses in a range of creative endeavors such as writing, painting, and mapmaking in addition to longer, targeted workshops to improve your craft.

These retreats are designed  to give you time away in a fostering environment to focus on your craft and creativity. 

Online Content

Free content to help inspire and further your goals as a creative individual.

Check out our shop!

You can find all of our merchandise here including all the titles from Rook Creek Books, our Rook Creek Swag, and more!

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