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We mean to take risks.


Founded in 2011 by Blake Hausladen, Rook Creek Books is a small press publisher of fantasy adventure and science fiction for authors of non-traditional forms, styles, or content not popularized by mainstream fiction. This wild place will be an arena for spec-fic and genre-bending anomalies.

Explorers wanted. Apply within.

Open Submissions

Rook Creek Books is open to submissions for the Dark Reflections shared world--a dark retro fantasy hidden in the many layers of the Dark Reflections collection by Jeff Lee Johnson. 


Vesteal Series

Four souls banished beyond the edge of the map who must rebuild a fallen nation in order to survive...

Sophie Stearns Adventures

Set in a bustling company town, where the every day is anything but ordinary. 

King's Bridge

Our imprint for high-risk professionals to publish and receive creative direction and development while protecting their interests, long-standing agreements, and anonymity.

Hyperwave series

Unraveling the nature of this ancient enemy is as hard as learning who they were or gleaning a single truth about the Hyperwave.

Who we are:

Blake Hausladen (he/him)

Founder & President / Author


Deanna Sjolander (she/her)

Senior Editor / Author

Where to find us


2/1 - 2/4 | Capricon | Chicago, IL

5/3 - 5/5 | Demicon | Des Moines, IA

5/30 - 6/2 | Stokercon | San Diego, CA

6/6 - 6/9 | Nebula Conference | Pasadena, CA

9/7 - 9/8 | Printer's Row Book Festival | Chicago, IL

10/17 - 10/20 | World Fantasy Convention | Niagra, NY

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