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Terms & Conditions


To make a booking you must complete and sign the Creative Pathwork, LLC (Creative Pathworks) Writer’s Retreat Booking Form, accepting on behalf of all your party these Terms and Conditions (Conditions). Upon receipt of your completed Booking Form and payment of your deposit, Creative Pathworks will proceed with the reservation process, including accommodations and other arrangements.


By submitting your completed Booking Form, you are representing and warranting that you have the authority of all persons named on the Booking Form to book travel, subject to the Conditions. You acknowledge that you have read and understands the Conditions and agree, on behalf of all persons named on the Booking Form, to be bound by them. You acknowledge that you are over 18 years of age and hereby authorize Creative Pathworks to book travel.



Each participant in the Writer’s Retreat agrees to abide by these Conditions in order to participate in the Writer’s Retreat Program. Creative Pathworks’ mission is to create a safe and professional environment where each participant can learn, be productive and grow your business and writing skills. As part of this mission, each participant is expected to conduct him or herself in a professional and responsible manner, including being responsible for all other participants in their party. This includes onsite programs and program-related social events at off-site locations, and in related online communities and social media. Each participant understands that participating in the Program, attending any events or activities related thereto, or utilizing any facilities or resources provided as a part thereof is at the participant’s own risk and is at the participant’s own free will and decision, and each participant assumes such risk including for any injury or damage sustained as a result of such participation



The balance of the price of your itinerary must be paid at least 30 days before your departure date, unless stated otherwise in writing. 



If, after we have issued a Confirmation Invoice, you wish to make any changes to your travel arrangements, we will endeavor to make the changes, provided that written notification is received at our offices from the person who signed the Booking Form (the Lead Writer). Changes are not guaranteed until confirmed and may be subject to additional costs and fees. You may also need to take out additional insurance as a result of such changes. If after the commencement of your trip you request any changes to your arrangements or accommodations, we will endeavor to implement changes but cannot guarantee any changes will be possible. 


Some hotels, airlines, wild and travel providers require a higher non-refundable deposit on certain itineraries. Special cancellation terms and fees may also apply. Subject to the travel providers’ terms, the Lead Writer may cancel an itinerary at any time, provided that the cancellation is communicated to Creative Pathworks in writing. Creative Pathworks will assess the cancellation charges shown below. Cancellation fees are subject to change based upon your itinerary. The specific cancellation policy for your itinerary will be disclosed before booking.


Days before Departure Total Travel Program Penalty 

  • Before 90 days Creative Pathworks administrative costs and a $150 cancellation fee (the Fixed Penalty)

  • 60 to 89 days 25% of entire itinerary price plus the Fixed Penalty

  • 30 to 59 days 50% of entire itinerary price plus the Fixed Penalty

  • 0 to 29 days 100% of entire itinerary price plus the Fixed Penalty


All sums paid by you for insurance and visas are not refundable or transferable. If the reason for cancellation is covered under the terms of an insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim these sums, subject to the terms of the policy. If, after we have accepted your booking, you are unavoidably prevented from proceeding with your itinerary (for example, due to illness, death of a close relative, redundancy or jury service) and you wish to transfer it to another person, we will try to assist you, provided you tell us in writing of the proposed transfer at least 30 days before the date of departure and provided that the person to whom you wish to transfer the booking satisfies all the conditions applicable to the itinerary. You and the person to whom the itinerary is transferred will be jointly and severally liable to pay us the price of the itinerary (or, if part of the price has been paid, the balance of the price) together with any additional costs we incur in effecting the transfer. 



From time to time, changes may have to be made to your itinerary (including flight times, accommodation or other travel arrangements), and these changes may be either major or minor. Where these changes are out of the control of Creative Pathworks, no compensation will be made.



Creative Pathworks strongly advises that all travelers obtain travel insurance to prevent losses before and during travel. Your decision to obtain or decline travel insurance must be reflected on the Insurance Declaration Form, which, unless otherwise stated in writing, must be submitted to us at least 30 days prior to departure.



No allowance or refund can be given for meals, rooms, excursions or other parts of the itinerary that are not utilized by you when they are included in the price of the itinerary, and no allowance or refund can be given due to lost, misplaced or destroyed travel tickets or vouchers.



  • Travel Insurance, cost of visa/passport

  • Transport between your home and your departure airport

  • Airport security charges if levied by any airport to cover the cost of security arrangements 

  • The cost of personal items (laundry, meals/drinks, phone calls, incidentals, WiFi, etc.) unless specified in your itinerary

  • Meals other than specified in your itinerary

  • Optional services 

  • Gratuities/Tips for service paid on personal basis 

  • The single room supplement

  • Excess baggage charges 

  • Other services not described in your itinerary 



If you have special requests, inform Creative Pathworks at the time of booking. We will advise the travel providers and potential suppliers of such requests, but cannot guarantee that they will be met and will not be liable to you if they are not met. 


Creative Pathworks may make arrangements with airlines, hotels and other independent parties to provide you with the travel services included in the itinerary. These parties are independent suppliers over whom we have no control. Creative Pathworks is therefore not liable for the conduct, actions or negligence of those parties or their staff, employees or agents. Creative Pathworks does not own or operate any of the accommodations or transportation or other facilities used in connection with the itineraries. In no event shall Creative Pathworks be responsible for incidental or consequential losses or damages. In the event of a service being withdrawn by any party who is to provide a service or accommodation, Creative Pathworks shall have no responsibility, and our sole obligation shall be to make an appropriate refund to you commensurate with the nature of the service or accommodation which was withdrawn consistent with the terms of these Conditions.



You, and on behalf of each party traveling in your trip and named in the Booking Form, acknowledge that you are cognizant of all risks of travel and arrangements for an itinerary of this nature and fully disclaim, waive and discharge Creative Pathworks (including its officers, members, directors, employees, agents and representatives) from any and all liability, claims, damages, loss, or responsibilities (including damage to or loss of your property or your injury or death) with regard to the proposed itinerary and arrangements made with respect thereto, even if caused by the negligence of any airlines, transportation companies, hotels or any other party rendering any of the services or accommodations included in the itinerary. Creative Pathworks shall not be liable for any losses or claims arising from (i) flight or other delays, cancellations or missed connections, (ii) delays of baggage or other properties, (iii) inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, upset and disappointment, distress or frustration, whether physical or mental, (iv) personal injury or property damage, or (v) any failure by any person or company to render any transportation, accommodation or travel service which is part of the itinerary. 



All services and accommodations are subject to the laws, customs and regulations of the countries in which services are rendered.



If any of these Conditions are found to be invalid or unenforceable, then the remainder of these Conditions will not be affected but will remain valid and enforceable.


You, and on behalf of each party traveling in your trip and named in the Booking Form, acknowledge that you and each member of your group are solely responsible for determining that each such person is in sufficient good health to undertake the itinerary. You also acknowledge that you are aware that conditions in some countries are not as advanced as in the United States and that you understand and assume the risks associated with travel to a different country. You also acknowledge that parties who might require special assistance may have to make their own arrangements and should consider whether the itinerary is appropriate. As examples, some countries do not have special accommodations such as ramps for wheelchairs, nor do they have special accommodations for the blind or deaf.



You hereby irrevocably grant and assign to Creative Pathworks all worldwide rights to use, publish and copyright without any compensation whatsoever, any type of video, photographed pictures and images of you and your name, image and likeness (collectively, the Photographs), including without limitation the right to use the Photographs for promotional purposes on the Creative Pathworks website. You hereby release and discharge Creative Pathworks from any liability which may arise from the use of the Photographs, including without limitation any liability by virtue of any blurring, distortion, alteration, optical illusion or use in composite form that may occur or be produced in the taking of said picture or in any processing thereof through completion of the finished product. You will not assert any claim or action against Creative Pathworks or its successors, licensees or assigns or anyone designated by Creative Pathworks to use the Photographs on the grounds that anything performed therein or in the advertising or publicity in connection therewith, violates rights of privacy or violates any other rights



Creative Pathworks shall not be in breach of these Conditions or any other agreement or contract if there is any total or partial failure of performance of its duties and obligations occasioned by any act of God, fire, act of government or state, war, insurrection, embargo, terrorist act, epidemic or any other reason beyond its reasonable control. 



These Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois. All actions or proceedings in any way arising out of or from or related to these Conditions shall be litigated only in courts having situs within Cook County, Illinois. You hereby consent and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of any local, state or federal court located in Cook County, Illinois and waive any right you may have to transfer the venue of any such litigation. Creative Pathworks shall be entitled to recover from you all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by Creative Pathworks in connection with enforcing or defending any claim arising in connection with these Conditions.

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