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What Readers Say

"I found it just a little too easy to get lost in the story that Ghosts in the Yew was telling, which to me, is one of the greatest signs of a good story and author.” 

– The Arched Doorway

The Vesteal Series is a page-turning epic fantasy dipped in blood magic and the violence of statecraft. It is the story of four souls banished beyond the edge of the map who must rebuild a fallen nation in order to survive vengeful families, an unchecked empire, and the very powers that shaped the world.


Its fifteen novellas have been published into three omnibus collections, The Ghosts in the YewNative Silver, and The Vastness.


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The Atlas

Mapmakers lie and their patrons have agendas.
The Vesteal Series includes many original maps, not all of which agree. 


Meet the Author: 

Blake Hausladen

Armed with an English degree from Ripon College and an MBA from Chicago’s Stuart School of Business, Blake has thrived for over two decades in the shadowed back-office realms of the financial industry.

He currently solves financial crimes in Chicago during the day and gives life to wild fantasies during the blackest hours of the night.

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